Monday, February 2, 2009

Solid As A Rock: Reeling In the Years With Renney

Ok, so he hasn’t brought us the cup just yet. But Tom Renney has certainly become a top notch coach with the New York Rangers in a matter of four and a half seasons of no bull, no losers, and without a doubt, no mercy. So just how has the Blueshirts’ head honcho been relatively successful in the hellhole of NYC sports? We break it down with the three C’s.

  1. Consistency

It’s pretty obvious that in order to establish yourself as a no-nonsense NHL head coach, you’ve got to be in the business for more than one faceoff. Yet, it seems that in a sport of inconsistencies, changes, and trades, it’s become tough not to fold ‘em every now and then. However, this is not the case with the Rangers organization. Unlike many struggling NHL teams, the Rags have a stable franchise all across the board. Having the chemistry on and off the ice, whether it’s between front office people or individual players, has helped Tom Renney remain a mainstay at the Garden, and, more importantly, one who isn’t planning to go home just yet.

  1. Confidence

As an NHL coach, you have to stand behind your convictions and your gut, and not take any BS from anybody. And, so far, the Renney tenure has shown us just that. The NY media can be (well, they choose to be) a bothersome bunch. So, what’s the solution? Tom Renney’s got the perfect answer to that question: Don’t give in. Watching a Renney post game press conference, you can find out pretty quickly who’s in charge. The coach of the playoff contending Rangers is exceptional at giving concise, clear answers, and looking in his eyes puts to bed any concerns about his judgment. Case in point: Petr Prucha. Without question, Petr the Great is a formidable talent, and Rangers fans should expect some picture perfect moments out of him in the near future. But, earlier in the season, Tom Renney had to address doubts with his not playing Prucha that often. As usual, the rock solid Renney responded with gusto, letting everybody know that Nigel Dawes was the hot hand at the moment.

  1. Control

Finally, regardless of the situation, opponent, or issue, Tom Renney has everything in the palm of his hands. He is the ideal harmony of a coach: aggressive but respectful, passionate but calm. Yes, we all know that he’s had his fits of rage. (The Blackhawks incident when Renney mouthed off at the refs who were making abysmal calls, among a few others) But no matter what’s driving the Blueshirts coach batty at the moment, he is always the authoritative man who backs up his players and the organization that he so nobly represents.

So maybe he won’t be holding up the coveted chalice this year. Who cares? At the end of the day, Rangers fans should value a stand up guy not as the victor of the trophy on the table, but for the trophy the man brings to the table,


  1. The only problem with Renney is Sather does not sign the players that Renney could really use in his system. Renney will become the scapegoat fairly or unfairly.

  2. Couldn't agree more. System's the key word here. Most coaches don't have time to form one, and get booted out. But I see Renney staying in NY for a while.