Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Glen Why?

Ah, what a year does.

10-2-1 to start out. Do I see the shiny glow of the Lord's Cup in the offing? Oh wait, I forgot! Of course not, at least, when Glen Sather and his band of miscreants are at the helm.

Now, don't get me wrong, good old Glenny is the GM of GMs. Because of course, who would overvalue and overpay Scottie Gomez and Chris Drury to come play at the Garden? Only Sather could have foreseen that Wade Redden would be a perfect scoring edition to the lineup.

Disregarding the minor jest and open satire of Mr. Sather, let's now examine the cold hard facts. Under Tom Renney, the Rangers had three straight (that's right, count 'em) playoff appearances, the only Eastern conference team in the post 2004 lockout period to have done so. Under Tom Renney, Brandon Dubinskiy received the best tutelage from a professor of the game. Under Tom Renney, the Rangers were focused and had their "team eye" on the prize. Well, at least for the first half of the season.

The record of 2-7-3 that led to the Renney dismissal and the Tortorella hiring speaks clearly to..........well, what actually? Because when you break down the demise of the first half-season powerhouse Blueshirts, you won't find the reason in one place. But if you take a look at the uniform with a "C" and, oh, that other guy who was supposed to be a big scorer, along with the partial dissolution of the netminders, you'll be on your way to finding your answer.

Question? Why fire a coach when your team is currently in the playoff hunt and remains a strong defensive minded squad. (thanks to Tom Renney, of course) And why demote and thereby render powerless your bench coach Mike Pelino? And why keep players on your roster who care about their now former and uniquely talented coach like dirt? Good old Glen's answer to all the above: "Because I can, and I like putting the city of New York through a scarlet fever it will never get out of."

But yes, there is still a possibility with the new guy at the helm. And although the first two games under John Tortorella were low scoring, there is still hope. (Tonight's annihilation and season high goal scoring route of Colorado points to that) Because when all is said and done this year, the Rangers will probably make the playoffs with a catchy Gomez smile and an amazing save from King Hendrik. Blueshirts fans will be joyous and ecstatic, and Mike Pelino might just be allowed to sit his ass on the bench once more. And Tom Renney will be sitting in his living room, knowing it was his dirtywork for four and a half seasons that brought the Rangers to their newfound jubilation. It's just too bad that Glen Sather will be sitting in his luxury booth, rejoicing and caring little about the man who would, dare I say, be a better GM than him?

You haven't heard the last of Tom Renney.......and hopefully, neither has the Rangers organization.

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