Monday, February 9, 2009

A Whipping In The Lone Star State

Welcome to Hell!

Boy did we get it wrong when we said that Steven Valiquette was the hothand netminder for the Blueshirts!

The New York Rangers, coming off a few tough losses, fell victim to the Dallas Stars last night. Score: 10-2. Yeah, baseball season’s come early this year.

In what has been a horrible past four games for the Rags, who have gone 0-3-1 in those contests, the strong chemistry that was once present has disappeared faster than Sam Rosen’s hair. Okay, disregard the Rosen joke. But, there can be no question that the situation in New York is no joking matter.

With own zone turnovers from Scottie Gomez (who was benched by Tom Renney in the third period), nonsense unruly penalties from Colton Orr and Brandon Dubinsky, and a lackadaisical defensive effort, it’s no question that the Rangers have hit their rock bottom for the season. However, can they bounce back and possibly make a run for the Atlantic Division?

First things first, the Rangers need new life. Scott Gomez has not been the “go to guy” as expected, and Captain Chris Drury has lost his X factor. Steven Valiquette, or “Vali,” as his teammates like to call him, does not deserve full blame for the Dallas debacle, but needs to step it up if he wants to get the nod from Coach Renney. Our silver lining, Nikolai Zherdev, scored the only two goals for his team, now desperate for a win. But one player can’t bail out an entire squad.

Bottom line: If the Rangers want the division, they’re going to have to earn it the hard way. With the division leading Devils playing solid behind Clemenson and Weekes, the fighting Flyers, and those nasty Pens, the Rangers are in line for demise if they don’t take order soon. Tom Renney, who responded to the loss by saying "You can't be more disappointed than what happened tonight," is a top notch coach, and will definitely make some harsh adjustment in terms of his approach in the games to come.

When asked if the Rangers had hit rock-bottom, New York's Scott Gomez said, "No one's giving up and no one's saying it's rock bottom. Embarrassed is a strong word but that's where we are." Oh yeah, Mr. Gomez, you better be embarrassed, almost single handedly giving the Rangers their worst loss since 1993. So, what has the Rangers world learned from this bad horror film? Humiliation is unacceptable; don’t assume that your beloved team is exempt from near annihilation. No excuses, just get back to the drawing board and see if we can’t right this ship!

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  1. As I have said before, the NYR may not have won against the Devils tonight, but they will, eventually come back. They are bound to. Drury may not have been ready for the "C" and possibly may not play like he did for Buffalo, but this is an organization that hit rough patches before and through hard work and effort, they are bound to come through. So for all of you thinking that the NYR are done, don't count them out yet. Also, if their strategy worked once before, for the first half of the season, then it is bound to work again, its not Renney's fault and the only people that could be blamed is really the players. They need to work around this.