Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Firings Just Keep On Coming!...And Say A Lot About the Status of the NHL

I guess firing six coaches this year wasn't enough for the NHL GM's. Surely enough, Guy Carbonneau, the now former coach of the recently struggling Habs, was given the heave ho just this Monday. The seventh firing of a head honcho this year, and a nice parting gift for the Canadien's 100th anniversary as a club. Interestingly, the Canadien's GM Bob Gainey took over for the playoff contending squad on Tuesday, as Montreal faced off against Edmonton.

This firing is simply another example of franchises looking for help from their back door instead of the front door. Carbonneau, like Tom Renney, was fired at a time when his team remained a vital force for playoff contention. And don't forget people, the GM's are the easily identified culprits of this stupidity. The Rangers have had to suffer with the Sather policies of player overvaluing and inadequate leadership for far too long, and now, it looks as if some other teams will have to endure similar hardships. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Gainey, with his great understanding of "what's best for the team" told Habs star winger Alexei Kovalev to "sit out" during a road trip. No reasoning, no injuries behind the move, nada. In other sports, such as baseball, the GM's role is based on the acquisitions he can add to his credit, but all else is settled by the owner and coach.

Yet, in the NHL, it seems that teams have deposited their hopes in the laps of a distant, careless bunch who seek pleasure in confusing us with odd transactions and moves. The sport that was well received by a select group for its consistency is now befuddling us with a lack thereof. No team, striving or struggling, is exempt from this plague; there have even been rumors regarding the Phoenix Coyotes changing location. The Islanders are in need of a an architectural renaissance, as the Nassua Colisseum is barely hanging on. Everywhere you look, the NHL is in disarray. Now, there are bright spots, but they are being overshadowed right now by the troubling economy, which has led to ailing franchises all across the hockey universe, not to mention the entire sporting world.

Now, back to stupidity, if the Rangers don't make the playoffs, then.......a Tortorella firing? The only sure solution for a transitionary period? I think not. The move in Montreal poses the same question. I just wonder how much longer fans can tolerate BS. I'll hold out for a while, but I'm not happy about it.

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